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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Origin of Word: Boyfriend

Origin of Word: Boyfriend.

Boyfriend is a male companion who is sexually and emotionally involved with his partner.
This is considered relatively small commitment as for when compared to Husband or Partner which are words which describe that the commitment would be fairly long till death if everything goes well.
Boyfriends also have a meaning converging to “Favorite male companion with an implied meaning of having a romantic and emotional bond.”
What did they use earlier when there was no word known as “Boyfriend”?
In 1850, Society recognized the companion as “Juvenile Male partner”.
Before young people could have boyfriends and girlfriends or much before the dating era had started, Young women would have “Gentle men callers “ who would visit their home with the hopes of beginning courtships. If she is impressed and is she goes out with one particular young man, he might be called her “beau” or “her Young man .“
The boyfriend first came into existence somewhere around 1900, but dating was not casual and was not accepted in society at that time. And in Roaring twenties of the 20th century, when the dating culture was emerging, we could see the use of the words boyfriend and girlfriend being used in traces. Around 1920's, America saw much more awareness about Women rights and automobile industry was also booming which may have influenced the way how people approached each other and hence people started accepting the culture of dating.

It came into books and usage a little long after world war 1. However, we have instances of these words being used in legal approaches and the book “ The New Emily Post’s Etiquette .“

Below are some pages of the books where the author has used the word “ Boyfriend .“

Some of the original study done by our staff member where he used a Google tool to find out the usage trend of the word “ Boyfriend “ and “ Girlfriend “ and came out with this result.

We can clearly see the word got picked by writers majorly after 1960. Can we attribute this sharp incline in the usage to the rise of rock and roll music in 1960's?
Perhaps yes, the words like boyfriend and Girlfriend gained much of the popularity because of the lyrics were written, the music, the rock and roll and a shift in a speed of lives of the people.



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