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Saturday, 5 August 2017

How to keep your boyfriend happy

In a bond which goes by the name of “boyfriend-girlfriend” or “couple” or “partners” or “soulmates,“ we all go through a roller coaster ride of emotions wherein we have to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises to make each other happy. After all, that is what is called love. You hate his/her habits, but you still hold on, you hate his/her annoying faces, but you still hang on, you hate his/her smell, but you still wait, you hate him/her, but you still choose to stay because you love him/her.
But we will still try to help and avoid your solid phase. We will be particular about “How to satisfy your boyfriend “ here. If you are a boy reading this: You can check “ How to convince your girlfriend .“
Remember when I say “Satisfy” it doesn’t necessarily mean to satisfy him physically. Physical satisfaction is always paired up emotions. One can always go for prostitutes if he just has to satisfy himself physically. But this bond comprises and demands both the physical needs and emotional needs to be met equally.

SEX is not always the solution: Fought lately? , yes opt for sex and settle. Fighting too frequently? Step aside, there is some serious emotional problem going on at ground zero, pay that and then make out. An apparent reason to stop seeking sex as a solution is that you should be at peace and ease while on the bed with him as it might alter your hormones functioning and hit his or your saturation point of being physical and you might not feel like doing this again next time with this tensed mindset. So ease and peace out first, talk to each other, Sex can wait.

Time and space which plays a significant role in physics are equally important for your chemistry here. Give him his time.
Situation example: if he insists on going out to the party with his male friends, give him his space and let him enjoy the time. You will always be the most important person in his life and anyway what difference would a party make and you should come in terms or else work towards it at least that time and space should not the topic of your argument.

Understand your men: You should understand that all men are different, let him stay what he has been all his life. Situation example: He likes to wear red and baggy clothes, and he has been doing the same for many years now, and suddenly after your relation, you start forcing him to wear green tight t shirts. He is not of the same opinion, but he still wears it perhaps to respect you. But this thing if it gets repeated in every aspect of his life be it eating, dancing or postures. Eventually, this would get on his head, will burst out one day.

So if you see yourself as getting on his life more than him, stop right there. Remember Suggestions and Advice are two different things and compelling just because you like is altogether a different thing. You should avoid being bossy. People like the boss you see. (wink)

Be supportive: To build or maintain a healthy relationship, you have to stand by your men as his strongest pillar. Be his women when he says
“Behind my success, there is a woman, “and he will never be dissatisfied emotionally. Situation example: If he wants to quit his job to pursue his dream business, let him give a try. He will always be thankful to you for being there when he needed you the most.

Never hide emotions: If you are feeling sad, tell him. If you are feeling happy, say, if you are in a generous mood for him, appreciate him. Don’t be a poker face, he won’t like it, and of course, no one likes it and would be annoyed at the end of the day. Situation example: You are angry with something which he has done, you should tell him right away, keeping it in your head and heart would pop in later days in some other argument which can make things irreparable.

Physical Satisfaction: Though this should occur when you are in a trust worthy comfort zone with him and when you know that sex is not all what he wants. Don’t hesitate to start or if he asks as sex stands an essential part of a healthy relation and a satisfied boyfriend.

Surprise: Lastly, we would say leave no stone unturned to surprise him when he is expecting the least. Believe me; he would leave all his worries when he is surprised. And yes, it's not the surprise which will make his day but the emotions behind it.

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